The best live position in Brussels

Live Positions

Headline has the most spectacular live position in Brussels for EU correspondents. On the balcony at the eighth floor of our Schuman building we can offer you a live background of the EU Commission and EU Council, sheltered from the rain.

Thanks to an extensive optic fibre network plug-in system, we can offer reliable live positions at different European institutions in Brussels.

Multi-Camera Broadcast Studio

Based in the center of Brussels, our newly refurbished multi-camera broadcast studio is now live.


The fully equipped studio comes with the latest high-tech equipment from Panasonic, Sony, Sennheiser, and more.

Offering four cameras, the facility is suitable for the full range of productions including debates, interviews, and presentations. It features four 65” LED displays that can be individually fed by different video sources.

With a full-size green screen background and broadcast-quality keyer,
you can be certain that your branding requirements will be met.

From a full professional audio mixing desk to 300 Mbps symmetrical fiber internet for streaming,
the studio can capture and deliver your creativity in real time.

Download the studio brochure now for the full specifications.

Chroma Key Studio in Brussels

Chroma Key Studios

On the same floor as the balcony live position in our Schuman building, we have our indoor studio facilities available.

In our Diamant offices you can use our smaller studio, perfect for live interventions with chromakey background.

We have an extensive library of chromakey backgrounds and thanks to our
fix HD camera on the rooftop of the Schuman building you can choose
to have a live background of the EU Commission and EU Council.

live background streaming studio

Your Own Live Studio

For quick live interventions at any time, Headline can create a personalised studio environment in your office or home.

Our permanent rooftop camera can provide you with a live background of the European Commission that can be streamed to your office or home.

Live positions in Brussels

Thanks to an optic fibre network plug-in system we can offer live positions at different European institutions in Brussels.