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recording studio in Brussels

Broadcast from the heart of Europe

Based in the centre of Brussels – with a balcony overlooking the headquarters of the European Commission, the Berlaymont – Headline News Facilities offers the full range of broadcast and content production services to media outlets, organisations, associations and brands.

Balcony live position

Studio facilities and live position in the heart of Brussels

The studio is available for all multi-camera live and pre-recorded show formats, virtual events, interviews, corporate presentations, product launches, webinars, media training and podcast recording and filming.

It features top of the range technical equipment, large LED displays, full-size green screen, and broadcast-quality keyer – with fast turnaround, remote programme production also available. The team is trusted by major broadcasters, such as the BBC, RAI, SVT and RTÉ.

recording studio in Brussels

All creative services, under one roof

Non-broadcast clients, such as companies, institutions and lobby groups, can take advantage of Headline’s expertise and experience. Trusted by global brands, such as PwC, Lamborghini, Masdar, The Global Crime Index and the German Federal Foreign Affairs, the team supports clients in engaging their audiences with innovative content.

CEO interviews, global reports, roundtables, internal communications, podcasting – whatever the request, Headline brings brand communications to life with creative thinking and original high-quality broadcast formats.

We can also film on location – anywhere in the world.

Discover why our studio is world-leading

From a full professional audio mixing desk to 300 Mbps symmetrical fiber internet for streaming, the studio can capture and deliver your creativity in real time. Download the studio brochure now for the full specifications.

  • Multi-camera production studio with a director, sound engineer, prompter operator and more
  • Remote guests and locations with full bidirectional video and audio return
  • Virtual sets and green key recordings
  • Professional live streaming to social media or a customized platform
  • Teleprompter
  • Fibre connectivity to all broadcasters
multi camera broadcast studio Brussels

Download the studio brochure

Our studio is ideally located for brands and broadcasters alike who are committed to high-quality streaming, recording and production services in the centre of one of Europe’s most important cities.

Sign up now to reserve your place on our exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Headline broadcast studio in Brussels. Live tours are happening on a regular basis, so check the calendar below to find the next available date.

Alternatively, you can contact to find out more about our production and content distribution services, and how we can help you.

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With the upcoming European Parliament elections, 2024 is a crucial year in determining the EU’s direction for the next five years, and beyond.

For this reason, and with the eyes of the world media on Europe, the team behind bring you EUNewsMarket, a new ‘pop-up’ hub dedicated to hosting and distributing EU-related press releases, news and content from organisations, associations, lobby groups, brands and businesses.

Over 750,000 journalists from around the world use each year as a destination to find the content they need.

EUNewsMarket has a dual action; placing news in front of the interested media using the platform as well as distributing the news to target media based in Brussels, or EU correspondents from national and international media.

There is no better time to publish your content on this platform and increase media reach.