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Looking for assistance for international reporters in Brussels?

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 We can help you find exciting stories and captivating interviews.


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Our Research Services

Find the stories that matter

Are you looking for a powerful story? A personal testimony that captivates audiences? A visually stunning angle to bring an abstract topic to life? 

With our experience in audiovisual storytelling, we know how to create stories that explain in an accessible way to your audience what is happening in the world. We can help you find compelling voices and original angles, on a variety of topics.

Organize interviews

Whether you want an entire program, or only a single interview with an expert, we can organize it for you. We have a database of relevant contacts and an extensive network, so we can easily request interviews that match your busy schedule. 

Call sheets

We provide detailed call sheets for journalists and camera operators, which contain all the necessary practicalities and background information.We understand the constant pressure that journalists are under, so we try to make it as easy as possible for them.


With more information available than ever, to a larger audience than ever, journalists often have to act as referees of online information.

We help verify and interpret information, to guarantee that your news content is reliable and of the highest standard. 


We can translate interviews and texts in Dutch, French and English.

Provide producers and fixers

We can provide a producer, connect you to fixers and help with any other services for which a local journalist is needed in Brussels and beyond.

Meet our Researcher

Sanne Khamlichi

Sanae Khamlichi (Researcher-Producer)

Researcher-Producer Sanae Khamlichi has a Master’s degree in Audiovisual Studies from KU Leuven.

She speaks Dutch, French and English fluently.

Sanae previously worked as Media ambassador for the European Film University and worked as a production assistant. Her film: L'amer au bord des lèvres was selected for 5 prestigious film festivals.

Her knowledge of the various aspects of the film making process, including storytelling and production work, allows her to use her insights to offer a refreshing perspective on what correspondents need to create compelling news coverage.

Martin Hilek, Europe correspondent for RTVS, Slovak National TV
Whether you need an expert or an interesting story, you can be sure the research team will meet your needs. You can absolutely rely on their professional approach and rich experience. Without the help of the research team, many of my reports would be just reports and not eye-catching stories.
David Boati, Europe correspondent for SVT, Swedish National TV
Thorough and dedicated research with a good understanding of the needs of TV reporting.
journalistic research and video production

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