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Our Services

Find the stories that matter

Are you looking for a powerful story? A personal testimony that captivates audiences? A visually stunning angle to bring an abstract topic to life? 

With our experience in audio-visual storytelling, we know how to create stories that explain in an accessible way to your audience what is happening in the world. We can help you find compelling voices and original angles, on a variety of topics.

Organize interviews

Whether you want an entire program, or only a single interview with an expert, we can organize it for you. We have a database of relevant contacts and extensive networks, so we can easily request interviews that match busy schedules. 

We provide detailed callsheets for journalists and cameramen, which contain all necessary practicalities and background information.We understand the constant pressure that journalists are under, so we try to make it as easy as possible for them.   


With more information available than ever, to bigger audiences than ever, journalists often have to operate as referees of online data streams.

We help verify and interpret information, to guarantee that your news content is reliable and of the highest standard. 


We can translate interviews and texts in Russian, Dutch, French and English.

We can also organize interviews in Polish, German, Italian and Spanish. 

Travel rules and work conditions for journalists

The pandemic has severely complicated travel and work conditions for international journalists in Europe. Travel rules are still not uniform, and with a myriad of restrictions to consider, it can be confusing to understand where and how journalists can work.

Due to our experiences with international media in Brussels, we have a unique expertise in this regard. We can help you figure out under which conditions you can perform your duties.

Provide local producers and fixers

Is it (still) impossible to travel for your journalist? No worries, we can help.

We can carry out local interviews, moderate high-profile virtual interviews on site, and provide any other services for which a local journalist or fixer is needed in Brussels.

Meet the Research Team

Margot Cassiers (Head of Research)

Margot has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in History from the University of Antwerp, which included a semester of international law studies at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. She has a second Master’s degree in international Conflict & Development studies from the University of Ghent. 

Margot also has a post graduate degree in International Research Journalism, which was jointly organized by Thomas More Mechelen and the renowned research journalism fund Fonds Pascal Decroos.

Margot joined Headline after working as a freelance research journalist for various Belgian and international media. She has received several awards and accolades for her research and her writing.

Liesa Pauwels

Liesa Pauwels (Researcher-Producer)

Liesa has a Master’s degree in Journalism (specialization TV and Radio) from the Free University of Brussels.

She also holds a Master’s degree in Russian and English from the University of Ghent, and has studied in Novosibirsk, Russia and in Poland. During her studies she produced stories for radio, TV and written outlets. 


Liesa did an internship at the VRT foreign news desk, and worked on freelance reportage projects before starting at Headline. She was a laureate of Belgodyssee 2021, a Belgian reportage contest for young journalists. Liesa is looking forward to helping journalists discover stories in Eastern Europe and beyond.

Research for Journalists

Why Research Matters

The essence of journalism is being able to gather correct information and explain in an accessible way to your audience what these facts mean, and why they matter. However, how this work should be carried out in the relatively new context of constant digital information streams and citizen journalists everywhere, is a question that traditional news providers still struggle with. 

So far, the main result of that struggle seems to be that individual journalists experience ever-growing pressure to be fast, ubiquitous and technically all-round. This trend certainly applies to foreign correspondents in Brussels, who are expected to cover an entire continent and complicated international institutions while relatively isolated from the editorial teams at their home front. 

Therein lies the importance and added value of Headline’s researcher-producers. We can alleviate the pressure on correspondents, by helping them filter information to find and create real stories that matter.    

Martin Hilek, Europe correspondent for RTVS, Slovak National TV
Whether you need an expert or an interesting story, you can be sure the research team will meet your needs. You can absolutely rely on their professional approach and rich experience. Without the help of the research team, many of my reports would be just reports and not eye-catching stories.
David Boati, Europe correspondent for SVT, Swedish National TV
Thorough and dedicated research with a good understanding of the needs of TV reporting.
journalistic research and video production

Contact the Headline Research Team - Email: research@headline.be - Tel: +32 2 743 26 99