ENG cameraman in Brussels

Electronic News Gathering Camera Crews

Our ENG camera crews are all experienced cameramen used to working with tight deadlines. They are equipped with professional camera sets supporting different formats.

Our cameramen have years of experience and specific know how on how to operate in different situations like on the streets, in formal- and institutional settings or in more challenging circumstances.

Most of them have also been trained as video editors, an advantage when working on location. 

Because of the international environment English, Dutch and French are their main working languages.

Electronic Field Production

For EFP shoots we can count on an excellent team of professionals who work closely together to get the best possible result.

Using cranes, dollies, drones, big sensor cameras or whatever equipment they deem necessary, our crews will give your video that extra touch.

Multicam camera crew in Brussels

Multi-cam Projects

For the recording, live broadcast or streaming of your meetings, conferences or events you can rely on the Headline team. 

During a technical visit beforehand, our engineer will explore the technical possibilities and he will make sure we use the best possible setup. 

With a multi-camera setup, our team will be able to provide a dynamic and lively coverage of your event.

Whether you are a broadcaster, an institution or a private company,
you can rely on the Headline camera crews to cover your stories.