Life On The Front Line In Ukraine

European corespondent for RTE (Irish National Broadcast Television) Tony Connelly and Headline cameraman Bram Verbeke just arrived home safely from Ukraine.

They traveled to the war torn country for one week, producing daily stories for RTE News and RTE Prime Time.

The first 2 photos are from Wednesday's rocket impact in Vyshgorod.

The last photo is in the suburbs of Kyiv. Covering citizens that are living with daily power cuts and lack of running water and heating.

ukraine rocket impact in Vyshgorod

ukraine rocket impact in VyshgorodRocket impact in Vyshgorod

Ukraine Kyiv power cutsPower cuts in the suburbs of Kyiv

Watch Tony's special report on life on the front line in Ukraine at RTE's website. The special report starts at 18:00min.

About the author
Rebekka Deforce works as a media manager, video editor, audio producer and webmaster for Headline.