How to add subtitles to my video?

Adding subtitles to your video can be necessary if you want to have your audio translated or even if you don't want to translate the audio of your video, but want to show the video somewhere on the internet. 

As a lot of people browse the internet or use social media in public settings with the audio of their device muted, but you don't want people to click away on your video because they can't understand what's being said.

For YouTube videos it is not neccesary to put subtitles in your video, because you can add subtitles to your video in the YouTube creator studio. That way people can choose to turn the subtitles on or off.

Also for TikTok videos this is not necessary to put the subtitles on your video as you can add subtitles in the TikTok app directly.

When do I need to put subtitles on my video?

If you create YouTube ads, other online video ads, if you make Facebook videos, Instagram videos or videos for other social media channels and especially videos to put on your website. It's recommended to place subtitles or better said, a transcript of the audio, directly on your video.

We can easily put subtitles on your short videos with our video editing software. As the process is quite time consuming though (on average about half an hour per minute of speech), we only subtitle videos that are a few minutes long.

For more lengthy videos, we have them subtitled by a specialized professional subtitling company.

If you would like help with subtitling your videos, please contact us and let us see what we can do for you.

We can help clients all over the world.