Who can digitize my DVDs?

At Headline we can digitize your old DVDs so you can store and preserve your videos in a digital way.

As your DVDs might get scratched and probably will stop working over time, it is a smart idea to start digitizing those old memories now, if you don't want to get the footage lost.

Digitize DVDs can happen in two different ways.

1. Rip the DVD. This way we can make a fast digital copy of the footage on your DVD. Because this goes quite fast, it is the most preferred way. Unfortunately sometimes older and some self-burned DVDs are impossible to rip. Therefor we also have a second way to digitize DVDs.

2. Digitize in real-time. We connect a DVD player to our computer, this way we can "play" the DVD and "record" directly in our video editing software. This method also works very well, only does it take more time. An hour long DVD will take an hour to digitize.

The digitized footage from the DVDs can be re-edited, put titles on, change the music, or left original as it was. The digital files can be stored on a USB stick, an external hard drive or "in the cloud", which will keep your videos safe for generations to come.

These files can then be watched on your television, laptop or computer.

If you need any help with digitizing your old DVDs, please contact us.

We can help clients all over the world.