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Social media optimization for videos

Social media optimization for videos or SMO is a crucial component of your content strategy. SMO refers to the act of customizing your content so that it may be uploaded natively to a certain social media network.

Native content (material posted directly to the platform) consistently outperforms non-native content across all social media platforms.

A video directly uploaded to Facebook is an example of native content. A Facebook post containing a link to a YouTube video is an example of non-native content.

The specific way social media algorithms rank content is the reason why native content always outperforms non-native material. Selfishly, but understandable, social media platforms want to keep you on their platform and not send you to another one.

Facebook videos will always be ranked higher than YouTube videos. (On Facebook). As a consequence, Facebook displays the Facebook video to more viewers than the YouTube video, resulting in higher impressions and, most likely, higher interaction.

What can I do to optimize my video for social media?

Adding subtitles or captions, adjusting the aspect ratio or duration of the video, and even modifying the video thumbnail or call to action are all examples of social media video optimization. Social media optimization entails both understanding the platform and your audience on the platform, as well as what they engage with.

Also video trends and viewer habits are changing quickly, so make sure your videos sound and look up to date.

If you would like any help with creating and/or optimizing your videos for social media, please contact us.